Friday, November 7, 2014

Survivors of Life's Harness and Champions of Faith. True Hero's for Sure!

I had 4 days in Columbus at the Mart. We have Born in Your Heart along with a few other brands we make at the show.

I went down very very grieved about a few things. 4 hours travel each day.

Born in Your Heart is a love story. It is yours to tell. Yes,we have a love story that inspired the creation, but you fill in the blanks. It is so much more than our story. It's your story.

My heart was so heavy as I traveled 4 hours a day back and forth to the Columbus Gift-mart.

But then, I watched people visibly touched by Born in Your Heart.

This one man was drawn in. He looked and read everything over. He decided He wanted a necklace. Gloria was there that day and time. I asked Him if He wanted her to sign it. He was so excited. Something about watching her sign His box broke Him. Tears were streaming down His face. I never asked or pretended to notice.

I am so surprised about how much GRIEF people carry and how her design flushes these things out. I hear peoples story's of loves gained and lost. It really is an honor to be apart of that! I must say I have had the honor of meeting some of the bravest people ever!

Survivors of Life's harness and champions of faith. True hero's for sure!

                                                                  Signing a few boxes.

Thank you for the visit.


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