Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Part 2 of the Clean Water Well, Why should I be Surprised!

Clean Water Well update.

I think God is trying to get my attention. He must be saying, "Dear Tammy, I have shown you my grace over and over dear child BELIEVE!"
I do certainly believe, but in the everyday grind and watching worlds crumble and injustices of every kind, it is so easy to get caught up in negative. Gloria's whole story has refreshed my soul. WHY then would I be surprised. I got these photo's earlier today. Beth was so kind to drop by and share the stories and pictures with us. I did not really look at the dates before.
Read the first blog post to find out why and how this all came about here:


If you don't need to catch up then you know that we dedicated the well to my Sis and ALL OF THE CHILDREN. LOOK at the date this dedication was written!  YES, 12-25-2014. CHRISTMAS!  Of course right?  How fitting. It was hand written on the side of the well.

This is on the way to,"looking for the one that Beth believed may be where the well was to go.:  Wli Ghana.

She took a leap of faith and followed her spirit. It would seam like a crazy thing to do.

Every day these children must get water....

and I am sure life is hard, real hard.

they walk in this brush down a trail....

 to a mud hole. They lower their empty buckets down in and bring up heavy muddy infected water.

 And that is just life. Every day is the same. Shame on me for my waste I do while they are in lack.

And this is Ama's home in the background. She shares it with 8 children. They have had no electricity for more than 8 years, no water and one bed to share.

If you have been reading, you know that I was blown away by the divine appointment Beth had with this man. Pastor Samuel. He too, "Was born that way!"  It would be the confirming sign that Beth would be looking for. IT certainly works for me. It is almost unbelievable, and very unlikely that she would be led to another person who shares our daughters same arm. Another who understands the challenges and perseveres on. God heard Samuel's prayers and sent help through our daughters profound art work. Oh My....One from China, One from Africa, an obedient mother and father in the USA and Sweet faithful Beth. All very unlikely.  Divine!  and Grace Filled.

Here comes the truck. Can you imagine the excitement.

Maybe even a little unbelief that something miraculous was about to happen?

She takes my breath away. 

And this little cute face.

Someone cares and God saw after her needs.

The Poly Tank,  a sign of a miracle unfolding.

I can feel the excitement of a CHANGE that is taking place.

Something so unexpected and faith building!
Beth had a divine appointment and she and Pearl found their way!

 The hired masonry.

break time for this angel girl.

A short video. So cool!



WATER IS FOUND!! Beth said it was 69 meters deep. That converts to 742 sq feet. This should serve this entire village for a very long time!

They are ready to get buckets of clean water! The next and final post will show the pump working. It was installed after Beth left on Dec 27th.

Pastor Samuel

This sweet boy lives with Beth at the House of Hope Orphanage. He wants to be a doctor! He is giving Pastor Samuel bibles for his school. It turns out that Samuel, our divine appointment is the village leader. He has opened a school and hired two teachers. he is dedicated to improving the quality of life for His people.

His school could use a little help. I am hopeful that that will happen. New books, supplies, desks, chairs,teaching things and love would go a long way with this man of God. Samuel has been appointed to look after the well and make sure  the electricity is on.

 So why should I be surprised that the well was dedicated on Christmas?

God did not forget these people. I believe the prayers of a righteous man avails much! I am sure God heard the cries of a hard working pastor with one arm, JUST like he heard the cries of a child who was once orphaned with one arm. He joined them in the most unlikely way. BELIEVE!

I will  be back to report the conclusion of this project when I get the final updates,
We still need $1,300.00 more( project cost was $6,000). You can help by purchasing Born in Your Heart  ( http://www.quantumwebstore.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=825247073 ) or by making a tax  deductible donation made out to Hands of Hope ( 100% will go to the well, nothing withheld) PO BOX 55, Mogadore, Ohio 44260   

And that is what happened, "A modern day miracle." I AM SO GLAD I AM A WITNESS! To God be the Glory.

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