Thursday, November 13, 2014

Emotions Getting the Best of Me!

Our Second daughter Born in Our Hearts

We are coming up on Princes Rose Petal’s third year with us. I find myself flooded with memories and emotions. This morning, while she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, I came around the corner to hear her talking and singing to herself. She was cleaning her sink. I said, “Wow honey, looking good in here, thank you!”  She said, “I love my family and I want to stay with you forever. I gave her hugs and reassurance.  
Whenever we leave home, she is the first to ask when we can return back. She says, “Home sweet home. I love my home sweet home! “  I am reminded of the empty eyes of so many left behind.
For Our Rose Petal, She still has memories and fears, but healing's and love have engulfed her. For that, I am very thankful.
Jessie, you are a treasure!

Meeting  her day. Dec 9th 2011
I specifically remember the COLD, very COLD weather. In her region, it was a wet cold. It was probably around 30 degrees.  I had a severe bronchial infection thing going on and the traveling about killed me. My cough was very alarming to a country that has endured a SARS epidemic. I tried to quiet each cough, but often that just made it all the worse. It was a very hard and long four hour drive. The roads were dirt most of the way with huge holes everywhere. I am surprised we found someone willing to drive their vehicle. I felt really bad for the damage he must have encountered. Some of the roads were impassable.

I remember the sounds and smells of Sweet Butterfly as she heaved from motion sickness.  I was not far behind her.  I brought out the Dramamine and passed it around. I remember us all relaxing and the queasy feelings easing a bit, just in time to see dead horse meat hanging from side to side of the road as far as my eyes could see. We were driving through a fresh meat market.

I kept thinking back at how that trip must have felt to our soon to be daughter. She had made it before about two years earlier and was sent back down that dusty long road.  This would be her last trip on that road!   

I had a peace about meeting her after months of fears and worries over so many “man given labels.” I know my peace was from God, BUT, “I feel sure it came through my loving and unwavering husband.” For Jim, this was not an adoption trip, it was a family reunion.

The van stopped and what a relief. I was sure we were lost. Suddenly some strange car speed up alongside of us and waved to us to follow. I was a little apprehensive as I asked our guide where we were going? Thank GOD we had a guide with us. We were in the very town she breathed her air. We would be meeting the officials in a restaurant before we were allowed to meet her.  That idea was mixed for me. I wanted to meet her right away AND food was the farthest thing from my mind (meat market).

We stepped out of the car and that was a great relief, but the bitter cold made my cough all the worst. Oh how I craved to be warm. I was certain the restaurant was going to be a nice break.

I could not believe it. NO heat inside the restaurant. We were seated in a small room with a round table. It was so cold that I could see my breath.  AND it was very dark. The orphanage officials were very anxious. We were being “observed.”  Thankfully they grew comfortable with us and cracked a smile. I think they observed the love that we showed to the Butterfly and whatever our guide told them about us must have put them to ease. We finished and were told that we could go to the orphanage now.

Her orphanage is in such a poor area it broke my heart. It is a small village area. It would be a combination of an orphanage and a home for the aging.

As we were driving down the street, I could see this little girl and a lady walking along the street. It was Our Princes Rose Petal. My heart swelled. I got Jim’s attention and I could see the tears of anticipation and raw love pouring down his cheeks. He was about to meet the daughter He knew was to be ours no matter what!
Our van pulled in, the doors swung open and Jim swiftly jumped out. I heard the cutest little squeal I had ever heard, she screamed, “Daddy.” She was in His arms.
To be continued……

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