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An interesting Twist to the Well Project, Most Unlikely Meeting.....AMAZING!!!!!

I am in Awe of God and His multifaceted ways.  Our story to all three of our children is perfectly and wonderfully made. But, we are focusing on Princess Peach Tree and continuing on in her story as it unfolds.
You probably have already read about the vision I had of her crying and calling me mommy, then finding her, her asking if I had seen her crying in China because she was missing me, her drawing Born in Your Heart as a healing measure of understanding, and of course making it into Jewelry. You also probably have read that 30% of the sales were to go into orphan care, specifically for clean water, plumbing, food and education.
I want to share now what has unfolded since. We agreed to leave the, “who would benefit” up to God and follow what we best believed to be right. Admittedly, “I assumed that our first project would be in China, after all we are very familiar with the needs and the way to get things done there.”  My heart is burdened for China too.
This past year I was in AZ holding my younger sister’s hand. We were told this would most likely be the last time I would hold her hand here on earth. My visit to her had a profound effect on some of our decisions about that well. In her short time and through MUCH grief at the care center she would now call home for this season, she became a servant to the other patience. She offered cold water, coffee, food, advice, counseling and helps to the others who were suffering in the midst of her sufferings. She became a minister. I experienced one patient, caretaker and friend after another coming in and saying, “goodbye to a sweet friend.” I watched her still ministering even from her bed. I was humbled and filled with admiration for my sister. She allowed God to turn her situation around and be used when she certainly would have been justified to use instead.

God has given her more works to do and she is still ministering today. On that long plane ride back home, I pondered all of the dynamics of what I had just experienced. I came back and rallied our Royal Court Team together and we decided that our first project would serve people for a very LONG time, just like my sister. WE would attempt to, “Dig a clean water well and dedicated it to Sister Debbie and the children.” God had reminded me of a meeting I attended concerning a lady who began an orphanage in Ghana Africa. While in Church I was inquiring as to how to connect with her when the person I was talking to said, turn around, her son-in Law is standing behind you. We met, she agreed to help us. Beth, from House of Hope would be returning to her orphanage and would see after this well herself. Beth met our three daughters. She had asked me a question, “May I ask, what happened to Gloria’s arm?” I replied, “She was born that way.”

We had $4,000.00 from our sales collected and ready to give back to God on behalf of Born in Your Heart. That was enough to begin the well, understanding that it would be about a $6,000.00 project. But, we all agreed it was enough to begin the project
Several months went by and I knew that the location of the well had been changed a few times.  I told Beth that I trusted in God to lead her to the place that He wanted that well to be. Beth called me a few weeks ago to share her amazing story. I was completely taken off guard and sat down in awe. She tells it in her words below. IT WAS HUGE to me because I was wrestling with “how does this all fit and why Africa.” I can tell you with 100% that the well was PUT in the right place where God intended for it to be. My faith has been renewed yet again.

I am so thankful for what happened next. Beth and her director drove all over Ghana looking for a specific person. Can you imagine that? A person for who  most people would never give a second though. A very forgotten voiceless lady with 8 children, no electricity or water. AND through a series of unlikely events and GREAT bravery, they found her. Yet Beth, still needed a sign and confirmation. What she shared next sat me straight down in my chair. IT BECAME personally to me. REAL PERSONAL AND PERFECT! A man came over to Beth from the neighboring home. He was carrying a bible. He introduced himself as this woman’s brother and the Pastor of this village. His name is Samuel. Are you ready for this twist, Samuel is missing a part of his arm too. When Beth ask him How that happened, He replied in the same way as I did, “I was Born that way.”  Beth was awestruck and had her confirmation and so did I.
Can you imagine Samuel praying to God for help and provision? I am sure he prayed to not be forgotten. He may have even prayed for a miracle. I wonder how he is processing having a clean water well dug in his backyard to serve his entire village? I wonder what He thinks about a little girl across the globe with a “little perfect arm just like his, being the inspiration and his answer to his earnest prayers.” I wonder most at what his faith looks like now?  AND Gloria is amazed that she has found another with a similar arm, born that way who loves the same God that she does. I can tell you, it has me in complete awe!  A most unlikely heavenly hook-up if not for a wonderful God! I will post the finishing pictures when I get them. If you would like to contribute to the balance of the well, please send your check to Hands of Hope:  PO Box 55 Mogadore, Ohio 44260. All donations are tax deductible, OR buy something from our Born in Your Heart Collection. 30% goes towards the finishing of this well!!!!  :Go to stores on the top to purchase.
Read Beth’s story…you will be blessed.

Meet Pastor Samuel  From Wli Ghana Africa

The well being dug

This is the hole that the village gets water from before the new well. They lower a bucket into  he ground and use the mud water.

From Beth!
The Palmer family has donated money for a village in Ghana to receive good, clean, drinking water.
Three Sundays ago, Pearl, House of Hope, Ghana, W. Africa's director, and I were praying about who would benefit most from this generous gift. It came to Pearl's memory of a woman we met 13 years ago in a certain village, called Wli. We didn't remember the woman's name nor the name of the village. We remembered she had a crippled leg, six children and we knew the direction to the village. I said, "let's go find her."
We hired a taxi. The driver took us to Fodome and we asked people if they knew of a woman who was crippled in one leg and had six children. no one knew of such a woman.
After a long search in this village we left discouraged and took another road back to Hohoe. We passed several villages asking the same question without any success. Then we came to a place and I said, "Pearl! This place looks familiar." Se said, "Yes! and look there is the place where we met those who crack rocks for the roads."
We stopped the taxi and asked a woman at the roadside if she knew of this woman. She asked us if the woman walked like this as she demonstrated her walk. I screamed, "YES! That's her!"
The woman got into our and took us to the woman's house. When we saw her she knew us and we knew her. We found the woman. Her name is Ama. Since we last saw her, she has had two more children, making it eight children and her husband left her three years ago. Her very small room is falling down around her and she hasn't had electricity for three years. Ama is a peasant farmer and supports her family with very meager earnings.
I asked them where they get water. The children joyfully led me through a maze of homes, into the bush and there I saw a large dirt hole. One of the children eagerly lowered her bucket down into that muddy hole and pulled up a bucket of bathing water. I asked them where they get drinking water and they said there is a place about twenty minutes walk where they can purchase drinking water.
On the walk back to their home, I was praying for assurance if this was the place God led us to. Then I saw the confirmation with my eyes. A man, was sitting outside reading his Bible. He joined us at Ama's house. He told me he is Ama's brother, Samuel, and he is a pastor and teaches the village children in a small classroom how to read and understand the Bible. When we were ready to leave I noticed his right arm. Half of his arm was missing. I asked him, "Samuel, would you tell me what happened to your arm?" he said, "I was born this way."
Then I knew this was the exact place God would have us dig the bore-well. To God be the glory. Thank you Palmer family. As of this date, the project will be complete tomorrow, December 20. I will post more pictures then
 More to follow. I can not wait to see cup fulls of CLEAN DRINKING WATER!   To God be the Glory!



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