Sunday, April 12, 2015

We will Reorganize the Project Medical Equipment

Hello friends,

We are going to reorganize Project Medical Equipment a bit. We will purchasing the equipment ourselves and having it sent to the new facility.  No money will exchange hands. Receipts will be put in a folder for all viewing . We will also be breaking up the equipment into sections to make it more manageable to achieve our goals. In addition I will be working with Xinhua on training for a few of the items they are asking for. 
And now the biggest consideration for myself....and I am only committing to praying about this for right now. I went to a training seminar called Empowered to Connect this past weekend. It is training for adoptive parents on many subjects about raising children from hard places. I am considering getting additional training, the program in their language and taking it into Xinhua personally with the goal to train them about how to bridge the sensory, behavioral and developmental delays. If they have equipment and knowledge, the children have more opportunity to thrive. I must say that out of all three of our adoptions, our MOST institutionally delayed child would have been our daughter from Xinhua. Working through all of her layers has been life changing for us. She is such a joy and a blessing in our lives, but I grieve the neglect that she and others experienced/are experiencing  from being in an institution without  the appropriate means to help the children.
We really do have a chance to make a huge difference. Our third daughter came from a half the sky. developmental and rehab equipment and training made all of the difference for her. It is two extremes. 

Our first amount needed will be about $5400.00  Here it is.

1,Heavy Hammer fingers muscle strengthening to improve hand and finger motions  122.00

2.Upper limb training  174.00
3.Elbows traction training chair   254.00

4.a walking machine  302.00 cerebral palsy machine  900.00

6. Height and weight scales  2 at 500.00 each

7.Montessori teaching tool  for life training  1060.00

8. Sand Therapy model   helps delays  1400.00

Later: We will be working on sensory items, Portable Medical sterilizer machines that will disinfect areas.And the largest piece they are asking for is a language assessing training system for diagnostic evaluation and training. For this last piece, we will need to understand the purpose, who will run this machine and how training to use it ill be put into place.

We have not had much interest to date in this project for medical equipment. I am hopeful that this will change.
I know it is tax season...sorry for the timing. 

Checks can be made out to Hands of Hope: Project Xinhua Medical Equipment: Po Box 55, Mogadore, Ohio 44260. We can also use PayPal  All donations will be run through Hands of Hope and Tax deductible once again.
Blessings and hugs



  1. Tammy, I am so excited to see the Sandtray Therapy items. I am trained in Sandtray Therapy and it is amazing. It helps children from difficult backgrounds discuss, process, and resolve issues without necessarily having to verbalize what the issue is. So very cool they are requesting this.

    1. Amazing Nora, Thank you for your input!! This is such progressive thinking and I am very excited.