Monday, November 17, 2014

Part 3: Our Journey To Princess Rose Petal, She is Our Daughter!

Part 3:  Our Journey To Princess Rose Petal, She is Our Daughter!

Where was I? I think I was sharing about our time in her SWI and how she would be our daughter in just a handful of hours.

If you missed:

We traveled back that same long dusty pothole highway. It took about 5 hours to get back to the city that we would “officially become her parents.”   She would travel in the early morning accompanied by the director of the SWI, and we would finally become a forever family.

Her trip took 7 hours that morning. I wonder what she was thinking while traveling down that harsh road again. Did HE fill her with all that she would need to believe that we would actually show up and be there? Did I have enough faith to believe that she would emotionally say yes to our family and allow our love into her heart? Would I be able to handle the all of her?  

She beat us there by minutes. We walked in and she came running across the room screaming in the highest little pitch, “Mommy.” I dropped to my knees and scooped her up. I remember looking at her precious face and saying, “Jessie is saying YES!!!!”  I had tears running down my face. They tried to hurry me away from her to do paperwork (If you have been down the road you know what I am talking about). Hey, give a girl a moment would you?  And then I surrendered these precious moments to do the legal important paperwork.

She would be our daughter! Our time in this meeting would be very short. She was brought with a bag of things we had sent ahead. Unopened toys, a few outfits, and a very worn and special photo album that she had clearly treasured. She knew who we each were. She had studied us very carefully in her photo album while she waited for us to come. Due to an error, she would have gotten her gifts MONTHS before she should have. I am so thankful that she did not lose hope for us coming! Her binding was torn and tattered and taped back together. My heart was touched. I wonder if she hid it under her covers and looked at it at bedtime.  I clearly remember that at least 2 hours of each day was spent in our hotel room looking at her photo album and going over and over her pictures of her family.  She demanded it!

We said our goodbyes to the director and walked towards the elevator and out into our van. There was nothing but smiles all the way.  What a brave girl! The Rose was with her family and she knew things were changing.

To be continued……The hotel and what we discovered.

Thanks for coming by...Come back for Part 4:The Hotel, Part 5 :Who she is, and part 6: why I am sharing this.


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