Monday, October 27, 2014

Customer comments about Born in Your Heart

It has been so amazing to read all the wonderful comments and to see the beautiful Born in Your Heart being worn by folks. It warms our hearts. Here are a few....

Look what came in the mail today!!! Thanks so much Tammy, it's beautiful!! Tell Gloria thank you as well Thank you for the comment Desiree C....

It arrived! My Born In Your Heart bracelet! So excited! It was designed by our pal Gloria, age 5, who came into our lives through our adoptive parents group! We had the pleasure of meeting her awhile back when she and her family came to town and just adore her! Check out to see her designs and read more about her and her awesome family! Thanks so much, Tammy Palmer! I love it! Thank you for the comment Robyn E....

Love, love, love the earrings! They re the perfect size, so shiny and comfortable! I am so blessed to know you and now your precious story.... What a miracle it all is! Thanks so much!

Tried to post you a pic but no way! So thrilled with these.... my new go to earrings! Thank you for the comment Donna!!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Born in Your Heart jewelry! I just received mine yesterday and it is absolutely dazzling! Awesome design, beautiful luster, smooth feel on your skin, not too heavy, gorgeous package, and an amazing story! Christmas presents with a deeply heartfelt story and every-day encouragement for those you love! What's not to love?!?! Thank you Polly!

Our order came in today and I have cried twice now!!! Today is our Family Day and I was praying we would get this to give to our daughter today!! It's just beautiful!!! Thank you again!!!

I received my necklace today and I am so beyond grateful this is even more beautiful then I imagined. My oldest daughter (8) asked me what the package was I explained to her and she said like how you said we grew in your heart I said yes this represents how you and your sister and brother all grew in my heart since you all are adopted - now i can order my girls one too - thank you so much and the packaging is beautiful you made my day thank you. 

Thank you Kerry for sending me this message! Blessings

I received my order from the Kickstarter, love, love each item!!

On another note....

The Princess's went to the Zoo and did a little "treating," We love spending time with them.

Climbing her way to the top of life!

Thank you for stopping by!

Many blessings


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