Friday, October 24, 2014

Shipping day!

A Happy day for sure for Born In Your Heart. We received our 4,000 Boxes delivered to us in the morning and by that afternoon we had over 1000 pieces packaged and shipped out! Today we finished. We are so excited for folks to get the very first orders of Born in Your Heart. In my 30 years, I have made ton's of jewelry of all kinds and for all reasons, Gloria's design is the most profound and meaningful design we have ever produced.  I love this project.

Partly because this is the path God is using to provide healing and understanding for our family, also because of how I found and connected to her , and my admiration of her determination.

I want "MORE for her, if you know what I mean!" This was an expensive project for us, one that I hope we will recover from somewhere down the line, it was certainly a lot of work, and also had it's challenges. And we are just getting started.

I would do it all again to be apart of an amazing unfolding of truths, healing, and tenacity of my family.

We are providing a fresh water well for a village in Ghana Africa who drink from a river that animals share with them from our sales of Born in Your Heart. We have partnered with House of Hope. They provide a beautiful home for 40 orphaned children. We will have pictures to share as it goes along. They are to begin digging soon.

We hope that you enjoy your Born in Your Heart Jewelry and that it becomes one of your favorite pieces as you make a story of your own!

Video of our meeting with Beth from house of Hope

A little from our shipping day

The girls were inspecting the packages :)

We had to put the finishing touches on 2,000 of the boxes. We were prepared to do that. 

Final shipping. Preparing the tags

It's a go!

Off to the post office. I am sure they were GLAD to see us...wink!

Cuteness cheering us on. 

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