Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Project Medical Equipment: Born in Your Heart will partner with the families of Xinhua, friends, and friends of friends on this project.

April 7, 2015
Project Medical Equipment:  Born in Your Heart will partner with the families of Xinhua, friends, and friends of friends on this project.

Friend’s we have an amazing opportunity to really impact the lives of the children of Xinhua SWI. This is the SWI that Princess Rose Petal ( our second daughter) is from. I wrote about our experiences a while back here:  http://borninyourheart.blogspot.com/2014/11/journey-to-princess-rose-petal-part-5.html
 We have learned that the SWI is moving into a new improved modern facility in September. There are about 100 children living in the SWI right now. We have asked what the needs of the orphanage  might be.  I have poured over their list with tear filled eyes as I thank God for answered prayers!!!  The answers were all MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.   They are asking for rehabilitation, learning and medical related equipment. THIS is Such a POWERFUL AND HUGE step forward for these precious children! This equipment will change lives and reduce the significant delays for many of the children.
We are a very real family/example of the life changing kindness of others. Some time back, another family that had traveled many years before we did, donated a life changing machine to Xinhua (incubator). It was used to save our daughters life! She is thriving today in our family. BUT, her delays were very significant. If this equipment below would have been available, it would have made all the difference in the world to her as well as us.  I am asking everyone to prayerfully consider helping.  We will collect the money now through MAY 15 and wire 100% of the collected funds to the SWI director.  Another way to help is by purchasing Born in Your Heart.  http://www.quantumwebstore.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=825247073
We will have a beautiful plaque made to send to Traveling family to hand carry to the director when she visits in June. It will be a dedication plaque from the loving families of Xinhua and friends who care. They will proudly hang our gift as a reminder that we have NEVER forgotten them. The equipment will be bought and delivered in September to the new facility and pictures will follow.
Here is the list:

1.Montessori 88-PC set
2.Medical sterilizing machine
3. Cerebral palsy practicing bicycle
4. Height & weight scale horizontal bed for 0-3 year old infants
5. Language capacity assessing & training system
6. Psychometric game-board equipment
7. Double wall chest expander
8. Hammer type finger muscle force training desk
9. Elbow joint traction training chair
10. Weight loss gait training instrument

Encourage your children to take up the cause for the waiting children of Xinhua.  Every amount helps, as the goal is much. We will be doing several fundraisers ourselves as a family to raise the needed funds to make a HUGE dent into these needs. We are estimating the needs to be about $20,000.00. We are in hope of raising it all for them.

Checks can be made out to Hands of Hope: Project Xinhua Medical Equipment: Po Box 55, Mogadore, Ohio 44260. We can also use PayPal handsofhope@quantum-mfg.com.  All donations will be run through Hands of Hope and Tax deductible once again.

Thank you for your amazing support. We may not be able to give them all a home, but we can make their conditions more positive and medically sound while they wait! We can improve lives and create relationships that make a HUGE difference that we may never fully understand!
Thank you


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