Thursday, December 27, 2018

Donation updates -When love shows up

WOW,   how could I have missed updating this blog with all that God has done. Please forgive me.

We were able to complete the air purifiers and also the air conditioners for the Xinhua orphanage back in Sept of 2018  WHAT a long awaited completion of a project.

God is so good! He has used our efforts through our sales to support orphan care around the world. Today, we have finished purchasing 4 air conditioners units and 2 air purifiers for Jessie's old Xinhua orphanage in China. We are so excited to be a part of this blessing for these special and wonderful waiting children. They will forever have a special place in our hearts. If you are looking to buy some gifts with special meaning, please check out 
"Our Royal Court." We give $10.00 from every $24.99 sale! 100% goes to our current project. Our new goal is to feed 1000 children for a month! It cost $6.00 to feed 1 child for a month. The girls want to feed 1,000 Children! Shop here

So many improvements to this orphanage from 7 years ago when I was there. I am so happy about those answered prayers.

ans a couple of videos.

and then recently!

Our goal was to feed 1000 children for a month. I calculated that we would finish that project in the late Spring of 2019. BUT we finished in Oct. of 2018. So the girls have asked to feed another 1000 children. We are working on that goal now. If you need gifts and want to help. Check out our site at
Each sale feed a child for a month.

Thank you for supporting us.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year! 

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